Become Cambridge certified in Ireland
Become Cambridge certified in Ireland
Become Cambridge certified in Ireland
Become Cambridge certified in Ireland

Cambridge exam preparation courses in Ireland

During your stay in Ireland you will encounter green prairies, beaches, wetlands and lakes. Ireland is the home to an idyllic natural landscapes, fickle weather, towering cliffs and Celtic ruins. This and much more of Ireland will seduce you. It is said that no one forgets Ireland, and you will be sure to think this too once you arrive there.

Ireland has become a surprisingly cultural center in Europe, with its vibrant cities known for their high standards of living. In Ireland, you will quickly become familiar with the world-famous Irish hospitality, most commonly found at the local pub where Irish music is being played and Guinness beers are being drank. Here you will have many opportunities to practice your English!

There are two official languages in Ireland: English and Irish (Gaelic). Both of these are taught in schools, however it is predominantly English which is used to communicate in everyday life. An English course in Ireland gives you the unique experience to learn more about this incredible culture. More information about studying English in Ireland

Cambridge First courses in Ireland

The FCE proves a knowledge of intermediate English (B2), allowing you to work or study independently in English.

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Cambridge Advanced course in Ireland

The CAE certificate demonstrates proof of advanced English abilities (C1). This level is ideal for demonstrating a high-level of English knowledge to employers and universities.

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Cambridge Fast Track courses in Ireland

This option is offered for Cambridge exam preparation in a shorter time period (from three weeks).

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Cambridge IELTS courses in Ireland

The IELTS exam is a requirement for students wanting to apply to secondary educational institutions or higher in Ireland and other English-speaking countries.

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