Become Cambridge certified in the USA
Become Cambridge certified in the USA
Become Cambridge certified in the USA
Become Cambridge certified in the USA

Cambridge exam preparation courses in the USA

Going to the USA for an English course is a long tradition, with thousands of students travelling there each year to improve their language skills. Accents can vary widely across the country but standard American English is understood all over the world. Be captivated and shown true hospitality by the people of this weird and wonderful country.

Go to a baseball game, visit a national park, or eat in a fast food diner, these are all experiences which are a part of studying English in the USA. Our partner schools are located in some of the most popular tourist destinations and cities throughout the country. More information about studying English in the USA

Cambridge First courses in the USA

The FCE proves a knowledge of intermediate English (B2), allowing you to work or study independently in English.

All FCE courses

Cambridge Advanced courses in the USA

The CAE certificate demonstrates proof of advanced English abilities (C1). This level is ideal for demonstrating a high-level of English knowledge to employers and universities.

All CAE courses

Cambridge Proficiency courses in the USA

The CPE is the highest qualification (C2). This exam proves that the receiver can communicate with a level of fluency required for senior professional or academic environments.

All CPE courses

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