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Study English in Ireland, the Emerald Isle is known for its idyllic landscapes and fascinating history.

With lush fields, unspoiled beaches and beautiful lakes, Ireland’s countryside is full of amazing scenery. From the wildness of County Donegal to the rolling hills of the southeast and the savage beauty of Connemara, those who love the outdoors will find much to discover here. Ireland also has a rich and fascinating history with monastic ruins to visit in Glendalough and Clonmacnoise, as well as even more ancient sights such as Brú na Bóinne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the home of settlement dating back 6,000 years.

Ireland is divided into Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, two separate countries, with the former being part of the United Kingdom, using the British pound and the latter being an independent republic that uses the Euro. The Republic of Ireland covers the majority of the island and was founded in 1949, following the Irish War of Independence and a period when the country was known as the Irish Free State but was still officially part of the British Commonwealth.

Ireland has a fiercely modern personality, with vibrant cities known for their high quality of life, a great music scene and numerous summer festivals. Of course, a trip to Ireland would not be complete without a trip to a local pub to sample a pint of Guinness, a dry stout that originated from Dublin and has since become popular all over the world. The Irish will tell you that although you can find this drink almost anywhere nowadays, it doesn’t taste the same outside Ireland.

Although English is the predominant first language throughout Ireland, Irish is also an official language in the Republic of Ireland. You will find that the vast majority of the population do not speak much, if any, Irish so you will certainly have no problems communicating in English. Irish people are known for their frendliness and have an accent that is quite distinctive from their English neighbors, characterized by soft vowel sounds and a musical lilt.  

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A view of a hazy sky over a town of low buildings


Up Coming - The vibrant capital of Northern Ireland is a secret to be uncovered

A bridge over a river


Buzzing - An energetic and lively port city with a big youth culture scene!

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Outgoing – Welcoming city full of fantastic pubs, theatres and live music

Colorful houses in the shoreline


Charming - A port city with all of the Irish charm

Rocky lake next to a forest of tall trees


Stunning - A little city at the gateway of the impressive Killarney National Park

Crumbling ruins in a green field against a pale blue sky


Cute - Small port town with beautiful surrounding landscapes

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