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Why not take a language course in the breathtaking country of Scotland? Learning English will mean a lot more than just learning the language but also trying smoky whiskey, wearing a kilt and being surrounded by the sound of the bagpipes.

Traditions and landscapes
The Scottish people live and celebrate their culture with pride, whether it be eating the famous dish haggis, or partaking in one of the old winter festivals such as Hogamany or Burns night. The Scottish have many old traditions which give the country a rich cultural heritage, but there are also many contemporary festivals of music, theater and comedy in the big cities creating a youthful contemporary atmosphere. It is not only the traditions of Scotland which are to be enjoyed, but also the beautiful rugged mountain landscapes, lakes and century old castles. Experience the solitary unspoiled landscapes and the friendship of the fiery but warm Scots.

Scotland is located in the north of the United Kingdom, an area which has many lakes, rivers, islands.  A visit to the city of Edinburgh which is surrounded by lakes and mountains is an opportunity to see the mixture of country and city which make Scotland such a unique destination. A language course abroad in Scotland promises to be an exciting experience in a place which is still considered a secret destination for English learners. The big cities are well connected with public transportation which allows you to travel easily between the cities to enjoy the varied cultural program, whether it is a music concert or sporting event. Here you will find the perfect combination of the city life surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.

Scotland is famous for its unique English accent which is loved throughout the world. It may take first time English learners a bit of time to get used to the thick accent, but the English taught in schools can be used anywhere, and you may even leave with some local slang sayings!  

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Skyline of an old town with green trees in the foreground


Picturesque - The enchanting Scottish capital with UNESCO World Heritage town center

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