English courses abroad
English courses abroad
English courses abroad
English courses abroad

English courses abroad

With Yalea Languages you can take English courses in the following countries:

Language courses abroad in Australia


Exotic – Travel through various time zones to marvel at the incredible flora and fauna

Language courses abroad in Canada


Natural – Incredible scenery and cultural diversity

Language courses abroad in England


British – Fish and chips on the beach, afternoon tea and a wicked dark sense of humor

Castle on the coast at sunset


Green – Lush meadows with grazing sheep and rocky cliffs along the coast

Language courses abroad in Malaysia


Diverse – Ancient rainforests, expansive tea plantations and fast-paced modern cities

Language courses abroad in Malta


Mediterranean – Idyllic mix of European culture and a Mediterranean climate

Language courses abroad in New Zealand

New Zealand

Breathtaking - Marvel at the natural beauty and have a go at bungy jumping

A green peninsula juts into the blue sea


Traditional - You will find the locals here in a kilt and playing the bagpipes

A green tree in the middle of a yellow field with a blue sky dotted with white clouds

South Africa

Different - The country of savanna, desert, elephants, giraffes and zebras

Canyons and desert plain with shrubs


Visionary – Live the American dream and go from being an English student to a fluent speaker

Yalea Languages - Language courses abroad

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