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Learn Portuguese in Brazil and let yourself get swept away by the country's beauty and its people's love of life. 

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and covers almost half of South America. As a result, the country is extremely diverse, offering something to interest all visitors. Why not sip a caipirinha in Copacabana while you admire the view of the Pan de Azúcar, learn to dance the samba in a colorful carnival or get up and close to nature in the Amazonian rainforest? In this country you will find peaceful colonial towns, lively metropolises, idyllic beaches and beautiful natural landscapes, such as the Iguazú falls. 

Within Brazil, there are four different time zones and a variety of climates. In the tropical north, temperatures are high and stable throughout the year and the Amazon is notoriously humid, whereas in the south there can be snowfalls in mountainous regions. Wherever you choose to go you will find rhythmic music and dances, as they play an important role in Brazilian culture. 

Brazil is the only South American country where Portuguese is spoken. The Brazilians speak Portuguese very clearly with a melodic accent. 

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