Preparing for your trip
Preparing for your trip
Preparing for your trip
Preparing for your trip

Pre-travel checklist

• Make sure you have all the relevant information about your destination's entry requirements
• Check that your passport is valid and renew your passport well in advance if necessary
• Apply for your visa, if required, well in advance
• Ask your local pharmacy if you need any vaccinations for your destination
• Find out more about the different types of travel insurance available to you
• Check the safety and security advice for your destination
  More information: AU | CA | NZ | UK | US
• Check the expiry dates of your credit and debit cards and find out if you can use them in your destination (you may need to inform your bank that you are travelling abroad to ensure your cards are not blocked)
• Change some money into the local currency (for the first few days, taxis, etc.)
• Pack a copy of your important documents and have scanned copies saved on a USB, on your mobile or in an online file sharing platform (the Cloud, Dropbox, Google drive, etc.) so that you can print them at any time, if necessary
• Print your flight details or e-tickets (in some airports you have to show them for security reasons)
• Buy an international adaptor for your electronic items
• Take some passport style photos (they can be useful during your trip for your visa, student card, etc.)

We advise you to print all your important travel documents and to keep them with you in your hand luggage.

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